Short term mobility

Des étudiants en photos en face d'un château

Since 1980, 525 students have travelled abroad as part of our European Mobility Apprenticeship program and spends three weeks in a European country. Right from the first week, the students attend one of our partner schools where they participate in professional training and the local culture. Over the next two weeks they go on internship where they can practice their trades.

This is an exchange program and the Campus des Métiers has already welcomed around 350 young people over the past twenty years from partner establishments such as Handwerksammer Dusseldorf, Franz Oberthür Schule de Wurzburg, Berufsokkeg Vera Beckers in Krefeld, Handwerkskammer Dresden,  Apro Formazione à Alba Barolo, Mechanic Training Centre in Aalborg in Denmark.

The European Mobility Apprenticeship program is set up using financial support from the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council, the Erasmus+ agency and the French-German Administration Department as well as the Indre-et-Loire Chambers of Trade and Crafts.